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Itchy Eyes?

Are you suffering from red watery itchy eyes. This may be ocular allergy or allergic conjunctivitis. It is caused by a reaction to pollen of grasses, dust mites, molds or pet dander. It may impact the eyes only or in combination with other common hay fever symptoms such as runny nose or itchy throat.

Prevention or minimizing exposure to the allergen by avoiding being outside on days with high pollen counts or if that is not possible to wear wraparound sunglasses when in the garden or mowing the lawn.

There are preventative eye drops available that can be used daily such as Cromo-fresh or Zaditen that can prevent the symptoms of ocular allergy.

If you do start to experience itchy eyes, it is important not to rub or scratch your eyes as this makes it worse in the short term. In the long term it can potentially change the shape of the front of the eye causing changes to your vision.

Lubricating drops can be used to flush out the eyes to try and remove the allergen and reduce exposure time. Cold compresses are also great at relieving the symptoms in the short term and help to stop eye rubbing.

If you have red, itchy, or watery eyes it is important talk to your optometrist before starting treatment. Red eyes can be caused by a number of conditions that may have a more serious cause, it is especially important seek advice if it only occurs in one eye, vision is reduced, or the eyes are painful.

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