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How to Keep Your Eyeglasses in Good Condition

Your eyeglasses serve an invaluable purpose, and they should endure for a long time. Although you may need to get your prescription changed on occasion, you should still get much use from each pair you buy.

You may have experienced the frustration that results from wearing damaged eyeglasses. Fortunately, you can take a variety of steps to prevent your glasses from sustaining damage.

Tips from Us to Prevent Your Glasses from Damage

You will not always be able to prevent some mishaps from occurring, but you can implement a few safety measures. Here are a few ways to help keep your eyeglasses in the best shape:

· Storage: The way that you store your glasses can affect their condition. Never lay your eyewear face-down on any surface. When you are not wearing them, resist the temptation to simply leave them on a desk or shelf. This can easily lead to a preventable accident that may lead to your glasses becoming scratched or broken. Instead, house them in a case designed for just this purpose. You might choose a harder shell for optimal protection. Even a thin pouch made of soft cloth can aid in avoiding scratches.

Washing: You will need to wash your glasses properly to ensure minimal issues. First, be sure that your hands are clean. Then, gently rinse the glasses in lukewarm water. The Optometrists’ Clinic provides every patient

with a refillable bottle of lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Ideally, you should be using leans cleaner but warm soapy water is ok too. Rub the lenses very carefully with the cleaner, and rinse the lenses thoroughly. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the lenses when you are done.

Wiping: Sometimes, you may want to spot-clean your glasses without actually washing them. If you need to wipe away a smudge, make sure you only use a soft cloth that is free of lint. You should avoid tissue paper or paper towel as they can also scratch you lens coating. Ideally, you will utilize a lens cloth made specifically for eyeglasses. Never use an article of clothing to wipe your lenses.

· Removal: Remember to take off your glasses properly. Do not use one hand to remove them because this may cause them to become misaligned. By removing them with both hands, you can avoid stretching or loosening the earpieces.

Treat Your Eyeglasses Well

Your eyeglasses are likely an integral part of your daily life, so always take good care of them. By storing, washing, wiping, and removing them properly, you may extend their life. You will also maximize their usefulness.

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