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We use state of the art equipment to build your eyewear. Having our own optical laboratory gives us the freedom to have full control over the entire eyewear creation process. We use our experience and expert knowledge to build glasses that meet the highest industry standards. Our proprietary Layered Elliptical Design LED has all the computational substance to maximize optics, coupled with a flare only harbored by years of experience in the lens-crafting industry. Our lens design creates a completely custom fit by adjusting prism, base curve, wrap, tilt, material, and always accounting for aniseikonia.

Untitled design (1).png

Incorporating contoured prism technology, Neurolenses bring the eyes back into alignment, providing symptom relief for patients in addition to sharp, comfortable vision.

custom lens engraving silhouette


Customize your eyewear with your initials, or any brand logo!

Young Hipster in glasses with reflection

AR and BB

Anti reflectant and blue blocker help with glare at night, in fluorescent lighting, and screens.

pgx photochromatic


High performance photochromicatic. Pigment is mixed with the material and will never peel.

NuPolar GolfCourse comparison polarized lenses

Reduces glare caused by the sun on reflective surfaces.

Drivewear model transition XTRActive

Transition by Younger Optics now available at VU!

-35 myopia lens lenticular

Aspheric or Lenticular Design

For high prescriptions. To minimize the effect of higher order aberrations, and make the thinnest lens possible.




Digital eyewear lens generator.



MEI EasyFit Trend

High-precision eyewear lens edging.

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