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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

  • Following a daily soft contact lens replacement schedule is the safest and healthiest option. A biannual replacement schedule is recommended for rigid contact lenses.

  • Rinse lens with multipurpose solution before insertion and after removal. Only use solution recommended by your doctor (never use tap water).

  • Wash hands thoroughly before insertion and removal. Rinse lids and lashes with ZocuWipes, ZocuFoam, or Ocusoft Foam.

  • Apply make up after insertion.

  • Replace lens case every month.

  • Always have an updated backup pair of glasses.

  • Contact the office immediately if you have any complications

  • NEVER:

    • Swim or bathe in contact lenses​

    • Wear for more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period

    • Top off solution (always throw out used solution and leave case face up and open to dry, add new solution after removing lenses)

    • Use Contact lenses when you are sick, or eyes are red

    • Drive with mono vision or partial distance vision correction. Always wear your full distance vision correction for driving. Ask your doctor about glasses to be worn over contact lenses for full distance correction

Learn how to use your lenses:

Eye Care Regimen

1. Use warm compresses (take advantage of a warm shower, and use a clean towel to massage your eye lids.

2. Scrub and rinse eye lid margin and eye lashes with Ocusoft Original Foam, or Zocular Foam

3. Spray HypoChlor Solution on a clean cotton swab or gauze and apply to lids and lashes (do not rinse). Apply ZocuShield if recommended by your doctor to treat Demodex or advanced blepharitis.

4. Use Soothe XP PF as needed to keep eyes lubricated. Use whenever you feel itching or irritation and always avoid eye rubbing.

5. Apply RegenerEyes Lite as recommended by your eye doctor.

Soap Bubbles
Glasses and Notebook

Frames: Allow our eyewear consultants to help you select a frame that fits your face, and has the most optimized lens area for your prescription. Try on some styles before coming in at the link below!

Lenses: Our eyewear consultants can help you select the thinnest and lightest material, without sacrificing optical quality and lens durability. See below options available for your lenses to suite your needs!​

  • Engraving: custom engrave your lenses

  • Photochromatic: turns dark with UV light. Transition now available at VU

  • Tinted (solid or gradient): for prescription sunglasses.

  • Polarized: reduces glare caused by the sun on reflective surfaces. NuPolar now available at VU

  • Anti-Glare: reduces glare on the lenses

Recommended Products

Always wash glasses with soap and water, never clean them with a dry cloth.

Transition XTRActive by Younger Optics

NuPolar by Younger Optics

Take advantage of our in office OpticWash to clean and disinfect your glasses in the safest and most hygienic way possible!

Eye Conditions
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