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ZEST by Zocular

ZEST is an innovative and effective in-office deep eyelid cleansing procedure performed with surgical precision using ZocuKit. ZEST incorporates patented Zokrex technology containing natural okra polysaccharide complexes to provide superior treatment results without using any tea tree oil, drugs, or harsh chemicals that can irritate the eye.

Treats: Dry eye, Meibomian gland dysfunction, and Demodex

Image by Heather Barnes
Zocular Products to treat Demodex and Blepharitis
Zocular Ophthalmologist Developed Eye Hygiene

A Novel & Better Approach to Dry Eye

ZocuWipe and ZocuFoam

Innovative, natural approach using patented Zokrex okra formulation with activated micella Zocusomes to target inflammation and Demodex originating from the eyelid margin.

ZocuShield Advanced Eyelid Gel

ZocuShield gel incorporates a patented Zokrex system that uses activated okra complexes to help your eyes look and feel better - immediately. Free of tea tree oil or hypochlorous acid.

Before & After ZEST in-office Treatment

Demodex collarettes before ZEST
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